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UNA Denmark is a cross-political association - a non-governmental organization (NGO) that takes a critical and constructive stance to questions relating to the UN. The objective of UNA Denmark is to encourage public interest in the UN and to increase the understanding for interdependence of the nations and their joint responsibility for sustainable development.

UNA Denmark cooperates locally, nationally and globally with political parties, organisations and the United Nation Associations of other countries. Within the main issues, UNA Denmark is seeking to influence the political decision making processes and to inform the Danish public about UN-related issues.

UNA Denmark has a central secretariat in Copenhagen with local branches and networks in 5 bigger cities throughout the country.

UNA Denmark is a member of WFUNA (World Federation of United Nations Associations). WFUNA is a conglomeration of United Nation Associations. UNA Denmark is also a member of WFM (World Federalist Movement). WFM is a global movement dedicated to the realization of global justice, peace and sustainable prosperity through the development of democratic international institutions and the global application of international law.


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